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Emergency Medical Information System (ECIS)

Mijian emergency clinical information system for the development trend of emergency department, according to the emergency department of the Ministry of Health ("Emergency patient condition classification pilot guidelines"), design and development of professional intelligent emergency triage system; according to the Ministry of Health emergency quality control requirements Record the time that the patient has experienced in each treatment session, and realize the refined management of patients, medical staff and equipment. Through the reform and intelligent design and implementation of the emergency department, the clinical work efficiency of the emergency department is effectively improved, and the management of the emergency department is refined.

The main subsystem of the emergency clinical information system:

Pre-hospital emergency subsystem

Emergency triage subsystem

Emergency rescue subsystem

Emergency medical care integrated workbench subsystem

Emergency mobile infusion subsystem

Emergency Clinical Decision Support System CDSS

Emergency intensive care unit

Emergency clinical information portal subsystem

Emergency department management portal subsystem