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  • 14 08

    [Recruitment] Postdoctoral Research on Artificial Intelligence and Health Care Big Data

    According to the national strategic plan, by 2020, the scale of China's health care industry will exceed 8 trillion, and in 2030 it will reach 16 trillion. In 2017, the State Council put forward the strategic requirements of “taking health care into a pillar industry”, and the three major health medical data sets led by the National Health and Family Planning Committee...

  • 07 07

    Mi Jian won the title of “Specialized Special New Enterprise” in Shanghai in 2016

    Mijian Company won the 2016 Shanghai Specialized and Specialized Enterprise Qualification...

  • 26 06

    Ignite the fire of hope - "2017 Chinese Medical Association National Emergency Medicine Academic Annual Meeting" was successfully held

    Four lotuses on all sides, one city and half city lake. On June 22-25, 2017, the 20th National Emergency Medicine Annual Conference of the Chinese Medical Association Emergency Medicine Branch, sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Medical Association Emergency Medicine Branch, and the first China Emergency Critical Care Conference in Jinan.. .

  • 31 05

    Innovation and Development - The new version of Mi Jian's ICIS shines "The 11th National Critical Care Medicine Conference of the Chinese Medical Association"

    On May 26, 2017, the 11th National Congress of Critical Care Medicine of the Chinese Medical Association was grandly opened at the Qujiang International Conference Center in Xi'an. The meeting introduced the latest developments in critically ill medicine, discussed the frontier issues of the discipline, and focused on the recent clinical and scientific research in the field of critical medicine...

  • 17 04

    A wonderful review of the 2017 Concord Emergency Summit Forum

    The bird's nest and the right of the herb are the best for the spring of the year. On April 14-16, 2017, the 2017 Beijing Xiehe Emergency Medicine International Summit Forum was held in Beijing. This event not only has the latest and most real...

  • 28 03

    Rong Ke Mi Jian, wisdom medical family, guarding Sandu Health

    On March 28th, the ICU remote diagnosis platform of Sandu County, Guizhou Province was officially launched in Sandu County People's Hospital. The director of Guizhou Provincial People's Committee, Xiang Honghong, Li Guohua, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of Jiangsu Province, and Wei Qixian, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Sandu County People's Congress attended the meeting. Meeting; Guizhou Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, Health Planning Commission mainly...

  • 12 02

    Rong Ke Mi Jian joins hands to create a Chinese dream

    On February 8th, Rongke Mijian's family and friends created a Chinese dream together. The Rongke Technology 2017 Mobilization Commendation Conference was held in Shenyang, and the family of Rongke Mijian recalled the journey of common growth and explored the trend of the times. Opportunities and challenges to share a brilliant future. ...

  • 19 12

    First-line experts on the application and development of medical big data

    It is said that its magical skills are close to it - first-line experts on the application and development of medical big data...