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“Uncertainty is dangerous, and it is determined to be clinically needed” – Documentary of Peking University’s CERTAIN course

2019-11-01 Source: Mijian Information Technology Co., Ltd.
On October 26, 2019, CERTAIN (Checklist for Early Recognition and Treatment of Acute Illness and iNjury / Early Critical Identification and Overall Management) co-sponsored by the Department of Critical Care of Peking University and the Mayo METRIC team of the United States The course was held in the China Science and Technology Hall as scheduled and successfully completed.
CERTAIN is a global research and quality improvement program led by doctors and researchers at the Mayo Clinic. It aims to standardize and standardize the diagnosis and treatment of acute and severe diseases, minimizing the occurrence of death, disability and serious complications. Patient safety. Ognjen Gajic, MD, director of the Mayo METRIC and CERTAIN International Program, pointed out that “the first few hours of acute and severe illnesses entering the medical system are essential – errors and delays in prime time can lead to serious consequences. CERTAIN provides a basis for Evidence-based medical checklists, guided practice support, and standard processes of implementation, while guiding, timing, and recording real-time interventions, providing the most effective assistance in prime time."

The CERTAIN method has been applied to 55 hospitals and 10 paediatric hospitals worldwide. It has been proven to significantly improve the clinical management level of acute and serious medical workers, thus effectively reducing mortality, shortening the treatment cycle and reducing hospital expenditure. In order to promote the promotion and implementation of the CERTAIN method around the world, the Mayo team developed the CERTAIN software in conjunction with Ambient Clinical Analytics (hereinafter referred to as Ambient Clinical).
Based on the internationalization of Dr. Zhang Jiwu, the CEO of Mijian Medical, he learned about CERTAIN in the research exchange and determined his intention to introduce it into the country. He said: "We hope that the majority of medical workers, especially the grassroots, can pass CERTAIN. This platform strengthens the standard of diagnosis and treatment, improves the professional level, and ultimately benefits more people's health. This is the mission of Mijian Medical."

Mijian Medical signed a cooperation agreement with Ambient Clinical on October 18, 2017
With the support of all parties, the Department of Critical Care of Peking University and the Mayo team jointly hosted the CERTAIN course during the 11th Peking University Critical Care Medicine Forum, which not only introduced the core concept of Mayo's acute and severe patient management to domestic medical work. It is also through the combination of theory and practice to help students deepen their understanding and quickly master the CERTAIN method.
As soon as the course was published, it was widely concerned by medical workers. Less than 48 hours after the registration began, many of the original planned places were filled. The course was delivered by Prof. An Youzhong from the Department of Critical Care Medicine, Peking University People's Hospital and Professor Ognjen Gajic, Director of Mayo METRIC. Then Professor Dong Yue from the Mayo team gave a course introduction. Then, Professor Alexander S. Niven, from the Mayo Clinic, detailed the patient-centered CERTAIN method and its global application through a video connection.

After a short break, the students were divided into three groups, and they were rotated to perform CERTAIN, ward CERTAIN, and bedside ultrasound CERTAIN. Each scene is delivered by a Mayo tutor and assisted by a Chinese tutor to ensure that each student understands and participates in the interaction correctly.

In the afternoon, Professor Philippe R. Bauer of the Mayo team introduced the humanized ICU, the CERTAIN method for joint decision-making, and then the three mentors of the Mayo team made quality improvement and simulation teaching, clinical research, and clinical informatics. report.

Finally, the Chinese expert group and the Mayo team conducted an expert discussion on the topic “Case Discussion of Common Challenges and Responses in ICU Practice”.

The exchanges and discussions in the expert discussion sessions were very enthusiastic. Director An Youzhong pointed out that with the rapid development of technology, medical care has entered the era of information explosion, and acute medical workers face enormous challenges – from massive clinical data. Screen out information that is helpful for patient care. The list is the concise information, is a summary of clinical knowledge and experience, it can help medical workers standardize the diagnosis and treatment process, avoid randomness, thus ensuring patient safety, so CERTAIN's inventory management concept is in the era of information explosion And born". Finally, Director An Youzhong summarized the meaning of CERTAIN as three points:
1. See you at a small height;
2. The details are the devil;
3. Uncertainty is dangerous and determination is clinically necessary.

Other experts who participated in the discussion also explained their understanding of the CERTAIN concept and shared their experience in applying the CERTAIN method. The on-site students also actively participated in the exchange, and discussed the challenges faced by many clinical practice with the Mayo team and Chinese experts, as well as the problems and solutions for applying the CERTAIN method.

About Peking University Department of Critical Care:
The Department of Critical Care Medicine of Peking University School of Medicine was established on November 17, 2009. Academician Han Qide, then vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, wrote an inscription for the department: "Innovation, unity and cooperation, leading the development of China's critical medicine." According to Prof. An Youzhong, the head of the department and director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine of Peking University People's Hospital, the department's work mainly includes four aspects: first, standardization of basic education and continuing education; second, please come in and go out. To strengthen the international exchange of critically ill medicine; third, to take advantage of the Peking University Group to carry out high-quality clinical research; fourth, to hold the Severe Medicine Forum of Peking University Medical School every year.
About the Mayo METRIC team:
The Mayo Clinic is a comprehensive hospital in the United States with a history of more than 150 years. It currently has three main campuses in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona, and 19 branches in five US states. Medical services benefit 1.3 million people. The Mayo Clinic is among the best in many quality assessment programs and is listed annually in the US News & World Report's “Best Hospital Rankings in America” list. Mayo's METRIC (Multidisciplinary Epidemiology and Translational Research in Intensive Care / Intensive Medicine Multidisciplinary Epidemiology and Translational Medicine Research) team is committed to reducing complications and improving prognosis for patients with acute and severe illness through systematic research and quality improvement.
About Mijian Medical:
Mijian Medical is a medical and health high-tech enterprise with international vision and domestic first-class level. It focuses on the research and development of smart medical software products and is in a leading position in the clinical information application market such as operating room, intensive care unit and emergency department. Well-known top three hospitals in China. As the sole partner of Mayo's US Ambient Clinical Analytics company in China, Mijian Medical has been able to apply the Mayo team's knowledge map and licensing technology to develop clinical decision support products for the Chinese and global markets.