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Dreams and hopes, glory and mission - Mi Jian participates in the China Emergency Medicine Association Annual Conference and China Emergency Technology Conference

2019-08-08 Source: Mijian Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Speaking of Zhengzhou, we will think of the hometown of the Yellow Emperor, the culture of Shangdu 3600 years of fire, the most important central city in the central region... August 1st - 4th, the city has been given a new stunning and beautiful - In 2019, China's emergency specialist medical association academic and China emergency technology conference was held in Zhengzhou!
The Emergency Medicine Association Annual Meeting is an annual academic feast for the emergency medical profession and an academic carnival for emergency doctors. This conference is the largest event in the history of emergency first aid, with more than dozens of emergency, first aid, critically ill technical sessions, hundreds of academic exchanges, several emergency sub-professional associations, provincial and municipal emergency specialists. Conjoined, more than 10,000 medical staff from thousands of different hospitals participated.
Opening ceremony
How to fully consider clinical thinking and utilize new technologies to optimize and improve existing medical care methods is a problem that all emergency personnel have been exploring. The conference focused on dreams and hopes, glory and mission. During the conference, nearly 100 top companies in the emergency-related fields demonstrated their new scientific and technological achievements. Mijian Medical is one of them. In this meeting, the emergency integrated solution demonstrated by Mijian Medical attracted a lot of interest from the participants. The colleagues in the industry came to visit and exchange.

Emergency integrated solution
Integrate and integrate pre-hospital emergency, in-hospital emergency, and emergency intensive care system to achieve an integrated emergency treatment solution for patients' treatment. It is based on the state-related emergency quality control management method, adopting the pre-existing-post-after-the-fact quality management control model, and can customize the emergency medical quality management platform according to the actual situation of the hospital.
Single disease first aid solution
Make full use of hospital information integration, Internet of Things and mobile Internet technology to automatically monitor the operation of green channels. By combining clinical quality measurement and clinical decision support methods, process quality management can be implemented, and different emergency routes can be set. Data collection, process monitoring, quality management and continuous improvement of first-aid processes for different diseases, and efficient operation of a one-stop emergency medical service system supporting multidisciplinary collaboration.
As Professor Yu Xuezhong, Chairman of the Emergency Medical Association of China, said, the Emergency Medicine Association is dedicated to serving the people as a starting point for work, and it is not important for "gongcheng" to be "what is good". Protecting health, Mi Jian is always on the road.