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Mi Jian appeared at the 22nd National Emergency Medicine Annual Conference of the Chinese Medical Association Emergency Medicine Branch

2019-07-09 Source: Mijian Information Technology Co., Ltd.
A grand event in the midsummer season, a new chapter in emergency medicine!
From July 4th to July 7th, the 22nd National Emergency Medicine Academic Year sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association, the Chinese Medical Association Emergency Medicine Branch, the Beijing Medical Association Emergency Medicine Branch, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Emergency and First Aid Alliance. It will be grandly opened at the Beijing International Convention Center (BICC).
The theme of the conference was “New Era, Big Platform, Big League, and Great Decent”. During the conference, the number of registered participants reached more than 5,500, with 47 academic specials, 590 special topics, 390 person-times and 6 workshops. The in-depth exploration of the top-level design of the discipline construction, as well as the discussion and exchange of academic issues, the academic atmosphere is rich and colorful.
Opening ceremony
The National Emergency Medicine Academic Annual Meeting is the most important academic exchange platform in the field of emergency medicine in China. It undertakes the important mission of displaying the latest research results, exchanging academic frontier issues, and promoting the rapid development of disciplines. Mi Jian was invited to participate in this conference, and brought its latest research and development results: pre-hospital emergency platform, emergency medical clinical information system, six major center solutions unveiled at booth B03. During the four-day exhibition, Mi Jian attracted many colleagues from the industry to visit and exchange.
Members of the Presidium of the Conference visited the Mijian booth
Emergency integrated solution
Integrate and integrate pre-hospital emergency, in-hospital emergency, and emergency intensive care system to achieve an integrated emergency treatment solution for patients' treatment. It is based on the state-related emergency quality control management method, adopting the pre-existing-post-after-the-fact quality management control model, and can customize the emergency medical quality management platform according to the actual situation of the hospital.
Single disease first aid solution
Make full use of hospital information integration, Internet of Things and mobile Internet technology to automatically monitor the operation of green channels. By combining clinical quality measurement and clinical decision support methods, process quality management can be implemented, and different emergency routes can be set. Data collection, process monitoring, quality management and continuous improvement of first-aid processes for different diseases, and efficient operation of a one-stop emergency medical service system supporting multidisciplinary collaboration.
The National Annual Conference of Emergency Medicine has been successfully held for 22 sessions since the convening. Thanks to the academic exchanges and research results, the exchange of experience in diagnosis and treatment, the overall level of emergency treatment in China has been continuously improved. At present, we are in emergency medicine. We are deeply responsible for the development of the important nodes in the long river. We will continue to forge ahead with knowledge integration and technological innovation, and make positive contributions to building a large emergency emergency system, helping healthy China and achieving graded diagnosis and treatment.