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"Integration and Innovation" - Mi Jian and the Severe Solution Debut at the 13th National Critical Care Medicine Conference of the Chinese Medical Association

2019-05-28 Source: Mijian Information Technology Co., Ltd.
On May 23-26, 2019, the 13th National Congress of Critical Care Medicine of the Chinese Medical Association was held in Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference was organized by the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Medical Association Critical Care Medicine Branch. Hosted by the Guangdong Medical Association. The annual ceremony of the critically ill medicine industry attracted about 15,000 intensive medicines from all corners of the country to attend the conference, exchange and share the development results of the critical medical discipline, and jointly promote the innovation and development of China's critical medical discipline.
Opening ceremony
The National Congress of Critical Care Medicine of the Chinese Medical Association has been the most exciting academic feast in the field of intensive medicine. It aims to promote the prosperity and development of China's critical medical sciences, build a fusion of different academic ideas, transform production, education and research into a medical development service. The comprehensive communication platform for services and services continues to promote the advancement and innovation of critically ill medicine.
From the persistence of understanding of severe diseases, it is also due to Mi Jian's reverence for life and the unremitting exploration of serious medical science research. After years of experience in R&D, implementation, and scientific management in the field of intensive care, the conference held the Intensive Care Clinical Information System and the medical knowledge map management platform Meecertain (Checklist for Early Recognition and Treatment) The Acute Illness and iNjury debut at the A12 booth. During the four-day exhibition, Mi Jian attracted many colleagues from the industry to visit and learn.
The director of the Chinese Medical Association Critical Branch, Professor Guan Xiangdong and other experts came to the booth
ICIS Critical Medical Information System

The Mijian Critical Care Clinical Information System (ICIS) is an integrated medical care solution centered on ICU patients. ICIS is based on reliable clinical data, supported by professional clinical processes, with scientific clinical decision support as the core, standardized department management as an aid, optimizing workflow, reducing medical errors, improving operational efficiency, improving clinical quality, and helping to create safety. Efficient ICU.
For nurse
● Fine medical order implementation and care plan
●Safe and convenient nursing record
●Intelligent handover and to-do reminders
● considerate design care
Doctor For
●Professional and flexible disease analysis
● Handy medical feedback
● Efficient and easy to use search and statistics
● Rich and convenient medical knowledge base
For management
● Compliance and effective quality control
● Careful and detailed equipment management
●Flexible and easy to use department scheduling
● Concise and effective health care performance
Medical knowledge map management platform

The Mijian Emergency Critical Care Aids Software (meeCERTAIN) is a list of medical knowledge map management and diagnosis aids based on emergency medical services and critical medical services.
meeCERTAIN is a diagnostic aid software developed by Mijian in collaboration with Ambient Clinical Analytics of the United States, using the knowledge and technology of doctors and researchers at the Mayo Clinic. meeCERTAIN is based on the knowledge map from Mayo Clinic, with professional diagnostic aids as the core, Mijian's strong research and development capabilities as support, providing multi-scenario, multi-faceted and multi-platform services for medical staff, supporting the construction of exclusive knowledge maps in the hospital. To assist in the customization of personalized decision-making assistance programs to reduce medical errors and improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment.
● authoritative and reliable knowledge map
●Open knowledge management platform
●Handy lesson management
● immersive simulated treatment
Looking back on the past, the development of critically ill medicine in China for more than ten years is a process of continuous research and exploration. Looking forward to the future, we have a long way to go on the road of the development of critically ill medicine. Mi Jian will continue to integrate knowledge and technology innovation. Modern medicine and human health development give one new answer.