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"Smart Wisdom" Mi Jian was invited to participate in the 2019 China Hospital Information Network Conference

2019-04-16 Source: Mijian Information Technology Co., Ltd.
On April 13, the 23rd China Hospital Information Network Conference (2019CHINC) kicked off at the Chongqing International Expo Center. The conference was hosted by the Hospital Management Research Institute of the National Health and Health Commission and hosted by China Digital Medicine magazine. The conference brought together more than 6,000 representatives from government, production, learning, research, capital, management, and use, and more than 200 industry enterprises from all over the country.
The theme of the conference is “Building a smart hospital and sharing smart medical care”, adhering to the tenet of “leading the future, anticipating trends and promoting development”, and conducting in-depth discussions on relevant policies of the national medical informationization work, as well as technical hotspots and development trends. In addition, the opening ceremony of the conference also released the "China Medical Artificial Intelligence Development Report" (2019) blue book, from the medical artificial intelligence policy environment analysis, clinical applications, research investment and discipline development industry, social cognition and ethics, comprehensive analysis The status quo and trend of medical artificial intelligence development in China, and explore the future prospects of artificial intelligence affecting the development of medical health industry.
As the “practitioner” and “promoter” of China's medical information industry, Mi Jian was also invited to participate in this conference, and showed the emergency medical clinical information system, operating room anesthesia clinical information products and regional emergency first aid platform. Products such as total solutions share innovative ideas and excellent application results as “practitioners” and “motivators” in the field of clinical information.
Mijian products attract the attention of many participants
Since its inception, Mi Jian has been focusing on the research and development of smart medical software products. It is in a leading position in the clinical information application market such as operating room, intensive care unit and emergency department. It is the first brand of emergency clinical informationization in China. At this exhibition, the guests had a new experience in “Smart Healthcare” by observing the experience of Mijian products and on-site technical experts.
Participants visited Mijian products
During the three-day exhibition, Mi Jian gained wide recognition and strong attention. In the future, Mijian continues to adhere to the business philosophy of “professionalism, integrity, innovation, and win-win”, actively explores the standardization and wisdom of hospital information management, and is committed to developing medical information products with international standards and in line with China's national conditions. Continuously understand and analyze clinical business processes and data, and design and develop clinical medical intelligent products to provide customers with the best application systems and solutions for more people's health.