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Digital Integrated Operating Room

Based on equipment integration and information integration as the core, Mijian digital operating room system establishes a digital medical information sharing platform by integrating hospital information systems (HIS, PACS, etc.), allowing medical personnel to obtain and record relevant clinical information of patients in real time. Integrate all kinds of independent medical equipment and hospital information systems on a unified platform to achieve efficiency and reduce errors. Realize audio and video communication, surgical teaching and telemedicine consultation inside and outside the operating room, and make the operating room through digital integration. The workflow has been improved and optimized, a surgical information platform has been established, and a full digital management of surgical departmental affairs has been achieved.

The main functions of the Mijian digital surgery system:

Real-time remote surgery teaching - Surgical observation and learning personnel can observe high-definition surgical video images in the classroom, and can communicate with the medical staff in the operating room in real time, improving the quality and convenience of the observation. Avoid the risk of infection from observing people entering the operating room.

Real-time expert remote consultation - The specialist doctor can guide the operation or consult the complexities of the surgical procedure in the classroom, the director's office or any other place where the consultation workstation is installed. This is where the specialist doctor can watch the surgery video, call HIS, PACS data, and discuss with the operating room doctor.

Simultaneous recording of multiple video and audio streams, and even simultaneous recording of multiple digital streams, completes the entire surgical process. These data can be edited and remotely played to fully reproduce the surgical procedure for postoperative analysis, teaching and archiving.

The professional display screen of the digital operating room can easily access the data of the hospital's various information systems, such as patient data of HIS and PACS systems.