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Anesthesia Clinical Information Management System

Mijian operating room anesthesia information management system is an anesthesiologist, surgical nurse and operating room related department doctor, in the surgical schedule, pre-anesthesia visit, pre-anesthesia analysis, medication, rating, anesthesia induction room, operating room, wake room, Postoperative visits, anesthesia department management, data statistics analysis and other clinical work, management perioperative clinical application system, provide a comprehensive solution for perioperative clinical information, management, scientific research system. It can realize high sharing of operating room time, personnel, equipment resources and information resources, and establish a smart medical management system for perioperative electronic medical records and anesthesia quality management.

The main subsystem of the operating room anesthesia management system:

Surgical scheduling system pre-anesthesia visit system

Anesthesia plan quality management system

Anesthesia operation recording system

Operating room management record system

Postoperative recovery record system

Postoperative visit, processing, and recording system

Anesthesia department performance management system

Data storage, query, analysis, scientific research system

Knowledge Base Learning Training System

Connecting hospital clinical information data integration system