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Intensive Care Clinical Information System

Mijian ICIS intensive care information system can standardize the workflow of the intensive care unit, digitalization and networking of information during the monitoring process, including bedside equipment data collection, automatic generation of monitoring medical documents, such as patient access to ICU/CCU records, and intensive thermometers. , nursing records, quantitative evaluation of medical effects and other functions. The system can completely share the information of surgical patients such as HIS, LIS and PACS, and realize the information management of the monitoring process, thus improving the level of department management.

The main subsystem of the ICIS Critical Medical Information System:

Bedside equipment data collection (bedside monitor, central monitor, ventilator, micropump, etc.)

Clinical information integration (HIS, PACS, LIS integration)

Intensive care information management (bed management, observation processing, nursing documents, critical evaluation, etc.)

Bedside comprehensive clinical information terminal (displays information such as HIS, LIS, PACS, HIS, micro pump)

Nurse station comprehensive clinical information terminal (processing CIS, LIS, PACs, HIS, micro pump and other information)

Critical patient visit system

Consultation teaching system

Mobile clinical information terminal system