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Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital

2015-12-01 Source: Mijian Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Anhui Provincial Children's Hospital is the only comprehensive children's specialist hospital in Anhui Province directly under the Health Department of Anhui Province, and the Clinical College of Anhui Medical University. Officially opened in 1992, the staff of the hospital adhered to the spirit of “practical, innovative, humane, dedication”, and made great efforts to innovate. It has developed into a provincial-level large-scale comprehensive children's specialized hospital with advanced equipment and complete disciplines, integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation. It is responsible for the medical care tasks of 17 million children in the province and the medical rescue work for critically ill children. The hospital covers an area of 70,000 square meters, has 30,000 square meters of medical space, and has 600 beds. It now has 12 wards, 11 medical technology departments, 20 clinical specialties, and 16-story outpatient comprehensive building. The creation of the "Top Three" is in full swing. At present, the number of outpatients in the hospital is more than 260,000, the number of patients discharged from the hospital is 15,000, and the annual hospitalization is more than 3,000. There are 533 employees in the hospital, 180 middle-level and above titles, including 70 senior titles, and 20 provincial and above academic leaders and academic group leaders. Modern medical and scientific research equipment is continuously enriched, and successively purchased spiral CT, 800mA with DSA large X-ray machine, HP color ultrasound, automatic biochemical analyzer, blood gas analyzer, ventilator, extracorporeal circulation machine, anesthesia machine, various endoscopes More than 200 sets of advanced equipment such as EMG, video EEG, bedside camera, laparoscope and more than 10,000 yuan, the total value of medical equipment reached 75 million yuan. It provides a strong technical guarantee for the high efficiency, high quality and scientific research of diagnosis and treatment.
On the basis of the first and second grades of the original children, children, newborns, children's insurance, cerebral palsy, orthopedics, skin, oral cavity, facial features, ophthalmology, etc., the hospital speeds up the discipline construction, accelerates the cultivation and introduction of talents, and successively adds children's hearts. Department of Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Rehabilitation Center, Hematology Oncology Center, PICU, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine, Pediatric Urology, Burns, Plastic Surgery, Neonatal Surgery, Oral Surgery, etc. In August 2000, the Anhui Newborn Emergency Center was officially listed. In 2007, the Department of Neonatology and Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery was listed in the Key Clinical Development Department of Anhui Province. The Pediatric Clinical College of Anhui Medical University was established in the hospital; Radiology, Laboratory, The equipment and environment of the medical science departments such as pathology, functional medicine, and medical equipment have been greatly updated, and the technical level and quality have been greatly improved. The hospital vigorously implements the strategy of science and education, encourages new projects, supports clinical research, rescues in critically ill newborns, congenital malformations such as congenital esophageal atresia, pediatric cerebral palsy, epilepsy, asthma, kidney disease, hip palsy, and pediatric congenital heart disease. As well as leukemia, chemotherapy for malignant tumors, and child care, they all lead the province and even the country.