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Shenyang Military Region General Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army

2015-12-02 Source: Mijian Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenyang Military Region General Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army - Emergency Clinical Information System

First, the hospital profile
The General Hospital of the Shenyang Military Region of the Chinese People's Liberation Army has a long history and a large-scale modern comprehensive "three-a" hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, health care and first aid. There is a Zhengtuan-level hospital and a clinical department. There are more than 50 clinical medical technology departments in the department, and there are more than 1200 beds. The hospital experts gather talents, and the inspection and inspection equipment is advanced and first-class. It can not only ensure the treatment and treatment of the officers and men of the three armed forces in the theater, but also meet the treatment and treatment of the people in the society.
Second, system construction needs

With the rapid development of the emergency department, the hospital has a strong demand for the professional emergency clinical information system. At the same time, it has very high requirements on the concept and design of the product. The products of other manufacturers can not meet the needs of the hospital. The emergency clinical information system of Shanghai Mijian Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been highly recognized by the hospital since its launch. The design concept has fully met the needs of the hospital. In the end, the hospital cooperated with Mijian Company to build a complete emergency clinical information system to help the emergency department to upgrade the business level, management level and scientific research level to a new level, optimizing the emergency procedures and medical quality control.
Third, product application highlights (including but not limited to the following):
1. Intelligent pre-examination and triage According to the Ministry of Health's “Guidelines for the pilot of emergency patient grading (consultation draft)”, the in-line sub-diagnosis process is realized. achieve:
1) Intelligent rating and grading, so that there are standards for scoring, and there are grading basis;
2) Basic information, automatic collection of vital signs, rapid entry;
3) Green channel patient identification, to achieve the patient's first time to start treatment; support subsequent recruitment of triage information; group injury patient information batch entry;
4) Obtain statistics such as time spent on triage, distribution of patients at all levels, and patient flow, and support medical research.

2. Structured electronic medical record system for quick and easy entry The system implements three-level medical record template management, provides common medical record templates (can be customized), and quickly and accurately enters them through quick selection. Inspection/inspection results, medical orders, clinical pathway guidance, etc. are displayed in the auxiliary window, which actively provides effective help to the doctor's work, and can support automatic insertion of citations to improve the efficiency of medical history writing.

3. The highly integrated integrated medical work platform is designed and optimized for the clinical process of the entire emergency flow, including triage and registration, consultation and rescue, inspection and inspection, payment and taking, disposal and observation. An integrated, flexible and flexible workflow platform that increases clinical productivity and optimizes the operation of emergency procedures. The system can be embedded in multiple modules such as pre-test triage, emergency electronic medical records, emergency electronic medical records, and emergency care.
4, seamless docking emergency ICU and emergency hand numbness platform Shenyang military total emergency department construction is very complete, in addition to the routine emergency business process, also covers the emergency ICU system and emergency hand numb system, through the health care integration platform of Mi Jian company It can realize the rapid circulation of patients in various areas and record in real time, ensuring the consistency and consistency of the emergency diagnosis and treatment business, facilitating the diagnosis and treatment, and providing guarantee for emergency quality control.
Fourth, user evaluation:
After more than one year of use, the hospital has reached a proficient use of the system. The system standardizes, processes and automates the daily diagnosis and treatment work, so that the patient can be diagnosed according to the evidence, and the treatment process has a clear record, allowing massive clinical data to be accumulated. . The doctor's work has been greatly facilitated, and the patient's diagnosis and treatment process is very smooth and has been recognized by the patient.