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Chifeng People's Hospital

2015-12-02 Source: Mijian Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Chifeng People's Hospital - Surgical Anesthesia Clinical Information System

Hospital Introduction

Established in 1951, Chifeng Hospital is a large-scale comprehensive tertiary hospital with medical, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation and preventive health care. It is the Chifeng Clinical Medical College of Inner Mongolia Medical University and has been identified by the Ministry of Health as the eastern Inner Mongolia. The regional medical center and the informatization construction pilot hospital with the electronic medical record as the core were identified as the cardiac death donor organ transplant, kidney, heart and liver transplantation pilot hospital, the Chifeng City Hospital academician expert workstation; the Ministry of Health International Emergency Rescue Central Network Hospital; Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Critical Care Quality Control Center, Congenital Heart Interventional Therapy, Nursing Quality Control Center and Emergency First Aid Specialist Nurse Training Base; Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Clinical Teaching Base, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Western Region Health Talent Training Base; Chifeng District Medical Education Research Center, emergency emergency center, imaging diagnosis center, cancer treatment center and cadre health base.
Introduction to the operating room anesthesia clinical information system project
The operating room anesthesia clinical information system began construction in 2014. In order to cooperate with and help the hospital to improve the operating room and anesthesia information construction, Shanghai Mijian Information Technology Co., Ltd. conducted detailed and in-depth research on the operating room and anesthesiology department, and successfully The implementation of the operating room anesthesia clinical information system was completed within the specified time, so that the system completely covered the entire anesthesia business process, greatly improved the operating efficiency and quality of the operating room, and guaranteed the "patient-centered" hospital quality. The management system has been further developed.
1. Improve work efficiency: standardize work, process and automation.
2. Improve the quality of medical services: Track and monitor the medical care process throughout the process to avoid clinical errors.
3. Improve scientific research level: comprehensively summarize clinical information and accumulate first-hand data for scientific research.
4. Improve the management level of the department: help the management to fully understand the operation and make scientific decisions.
5. Establish a digital treatment system for patients with hospitals as the core.
6, to achieve medical, nursing management and quality control.
7. Simplify and improve the medical service process.
8. Reduce medical errors.
9. Optimize the rational allocation of medical resources.
10. Reduce workload and improve performance.
System construction highlights
Surgical appointment schedule
Provide convenient and efficient time, room, personnel, equipment and other resources to coordinate arrangements, daily surgical arrangements intelligent, efficient, orderly, smooth and convenient, high efficiency to achieve reasonable coordination of time, space, personnel, equipment.

Surgical scheduling
Provide a large screen hanging in the surgical preparation area and the clean corridor wall of the operation area, the medical staff can know the operation schedule in time when entering the operating room and the operation interval.
The surgical process publicity screen displays the status of the operation in real time on the LCD screen of the waiting area of the family, including: patient name, gender, surgical name, anesthesia method, name of the surgeon, anesthesiologist and nurse, and tracking of the surgical status.

Anesthesiologist workstation (surgical room)
According to the anesthesia plan, the operating system of the intelligent anesthesia medical process is implemented, and timely clinical measures are taken according to the changes in the intraoperative condition to maintain the patient's vital signs and ensure the smooth completion of the operation. It has a guiding and recording process for anesthesia clinical work. This process docks anesthesia machine, monitor, clinical information system (HIS, EMR, PACS...), which can mobilize the patient's past and actual vital signs in one place for the anesthesiologist to make treatment decisions.

Anesthesia mobile visit
It is convenient for medical staff to conduct visit investigations in the ward. The system provides real-time recording of patient visit information (including preoperative visits and postoperative follow-up) in the ward through a tablet computer. It also supports direct printing of the visit record sheet and signature in the ward. Greatly improved the efficiency of anesthesia visits.

PACU management
The system provides a PACU management platform to realize the business process management of the patient transfer to the PACU and the communication confirmation mechanism between the operating room and the PACU. At the same time, the information system helps the hospital to solve the PACU operation efficiency and the safety hazards of the patient during the transshipment process.

Report of adverse events
Establish a complete adverse event reporting mechanism in the department. When an adverse event occurs during the operation, the user can analyze and judge the adverse event through the system at the first time, and implement the information reporting. At the same time, case exchange sharing and statistical review analysis can be realized.