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Serving Chinese people's lives and health

Building China's medical information platform

Leading China's medical information industry

Realize the common value of the company and employees

We redefine medical information software

Setting an example for the development of China's software industry

Prove that software is valuable, software can make money


Honest people, hard-working people do not suffer

Construct a reasonable value chain


Not doing things that are not flashy

Oppose bureaucracy and put an end to the slickness


Transparent information, seeking truth from facts, accumulating the credibility of individuals and businesses

Have mutual trust and be trusted


Some comments were made in person, and the resolution reached was firmly implemented.

Cooperate with each other

The realization of the overall interests can realize the maximization of personal interests.

  • 2016 second quarter employee Party

    2016 second quarter employee Party

    2016 second quarter employee Party...

    [ 2016.07.28 ]
  • 2016 first quarter employee Party

    2016 first quarter employee Party


    [ 2016.07.28 ]