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  • Christmas joy, warmth you and me

    Christmas joy, warmth you and me

    With a strong Christmas atmosphere, Mi Jian's fourth-quarter employee party also arrived on December 23. In order to enrich the corporate culture of employees and promote mutual understanding between employees, Mijian will hold an employee party every quarter to welcome new employees and blessing for the birthday stars. This party coincides with Christmas. Although some employees are present due to work reasons, everyone enjoys the food together, knows the new employees, participates in the interaction, and enjoys a happy and warm time together. Dr. Zhang Jiwu, CEO, as a representative of Shouxing, sent a blessing to other birthday stars and also a message to the company. ...

    [ 2016.12.27 ]
  • Building in the north and south, sharing rice and building a good life

    Building in the north and south, sharing rice and building a good life

    Following the Shanghai staff's group building activities, the Beijing employees of Mijian Information also organized an autumn tour on October 22-23. Early in the morning, everyone drove to Gushui North Town, Jiangnan Water Town, Beijing. It is a natural ancient village combined with the rare mountain and water city in the suburbs of Beijing. It has beautiful Ming and Qing Dynasty and Republican style mountain courtyard buildings and is the most famous tourist resort town in Beijing. Here, everyone climbed the most beautiful and dangerous Simatai Great Wall in China, visited the sparkling Wuhu Reservoir, and followed the old streets of the bluestone slabs to enjoy the extraordinary night view of the ancient town. Everyone talks and laughs all the way, sometimes funny...

    [ 2016.10.31 ]
  • October Golden Autumn Shanghai employees share Yangcheng scenery

    October Golden Autumn Shanghai employees share Yangcheng scenery

    On October 15-16, 2016, Mijian Medical organized Yangcheng Lake and surrounding autumn activities for employees at the Shanghai headquarters. On the morning of the 15th, everyone came to Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou. October is the most beautiful season in Yangcheng Lake. Not only can you taste here at Yangcheng Lake...

    [ 2016.10.20 ]