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  • Yeouido: A fascinating paradise - a serious case project

    Yeouido: A fascinating paradise - a serious illness project

    Work is more than just the busy, there are waves and small fishing villages. On the last weekend of July, a group of 17 people from the Sunshine Department went to Yeouido, a small island in Zhoushan, Zhejiang. ...

    [ 2018.08.01 ]
  • Charm Kash Seasonal Summer Tour - Record the first People's Hospital project team building activities

    Charming Kashgar Summer Tour - Recording the First People's Hospital Project Team Building Activities

    Kashgar is the abbreviation of Kashgar, meaning a jade-like place. People can't say that Kashgar is not considered to be in Xinjiang. The charming Kashgar style is unremarkable. ...

    [ 2018.08.01 ]
  • The youthfulness of the journey of the workplace, the birth of the new employees of Mi Jian in July

    The youthfulness of the journey of the workplace, the birth of the new employees of Mi Jian in July

    From July 24th to 27th, 13 new graduates from 2018 and 10 interns gathered at the Shanghai headquarters of Mijian. They met and built a four-day training event. ...

    [ 2018.08.01 ]