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Mijian Party Branch welcomes the theme of "One Do Not Forget the Heart, Keep the Mission"

2019-07-02 Source: Mijian Information Technology Co., Ltd.

On the afternoon of July 1, 2019, on the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, according to the spirit of the notice of the theme education activities initiated by the General Branch of the Rongke Party, all party members of the Mijian Party Branch wore the party emblem on the chest, combining online and offline. In the form of a branch, the theme of the theme of the theme of “not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission” was carried out in the conference room of the second floor of the Shanghai office.
Launching the theme party day event

The event was hosted by Comrade Hu Fangwei, member of the Mi Jian Party Branch, and the activities were mainly carried out in two parts.
Carry out the theme education of "not forgetting the heart, remembering the mission"
First of all, everyone watched the theme learning materials of “I don’t forget my heart and remember the mission” in the powerful country. “90 seconds tells you what is “not forgetting the heart, remembering the mission” and “me and my motherland”, learning video brings The shock made everyone unable to calm down for a long time, and they opened their hearts to share their learning experiences.

Comrade Xu Wenke from the R&D department shared: "My bus station in Shanghai also saw the video of "My and my country" being played. I was really touched. Everyone can get together and sing me and my country. I can really feel the power of the party and the greatness of the nation. I will not forget the original heart and create the future. I firmly believe that under the correct leadership of the party, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is just around the corner."

Comrade Zhu Chuntao of the Quality Department shared: "The video is very short, but I deeply understand that people's lives are no longer just the pursuit of food and clothing, but to pursue a higher life. As a party member, we must not only take this one. The "initial heart" is recorded in the heart and must be implemented in the action. My understanding of "not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission" is to lead by example and make progress together. Whether in life or at work, we should have this initial heart, before us. Row."

Comrade Qiu Shiping of the Emergency Department shared: "Today's activities are not only a theme of "not forgetting the heart, remembering the mission", but also a vivid party class. As a communist in the new era, we must drink water and think about it, everything today. It is the countless revolutionary martyrs who exchanged blood and life! Without the Communist Party, there is no new China. We must be grateful to the great party, grateful to the great motherland, and grateful to the great people. Don’t forget the original heart, remember the mission. The mission calls for responsibility, the mission leads the future. ""
Watching the "Party Albert"
Next, everyone watched the film "Party Albert", which described the story of the official establishment of the Chinese Communist Party from the 1911 Revolution in October 1911 to July 1921. This short period of time may be nothing but a long history. For a moment, it is truly called "the wind and thunder" and "great change". Many famous events have influenced the development of Chinese history and led China to the brightest direction. By watching this "Party of the Party", we once again deeply realized that in the old China at that time, whether it was the feudal dynasty or the Beiyang government, whether it was the Kuomintang or other democratic parties, whether it was the parliamentary system, the presidential system, or the constitutional monarchy, We can't save the old China, which is poor and weak, and is in the ranks of the great powers. In that great era, countless people with lofty ideals explored in the darkness and thought in exploration. In the end, they found that only communism can save China, only the Chinese Communist Party. It is the best choice for the Chinese people!
Don’t forget your heart, remember your mission
Finally, Comrade Zhang Jiwu, secretary of the Party branch, made a concluding remark: "The initial intention and mission of the Chinese communists is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and to revive the Chinese nation. It turns out that in the turbulent moment, it was in different cultures and different times. Among the clashes of civilizations, only the Chinese Communist Party led the Chinese people to overthrow the three mountains and really stood up. This is the result of countless Chinese Communists’ unsuccessful changes and unswerving efforts. The Chinese Communist Party has continued to flourish in the weather, and it still survives the rough. The people support, so that the poor and weak China can stand up, get rich, and strengthen. The core reason is that the Chinese Communist Party can always remember the original heart, remember the mission, and fight forever."
A party member is a banner, and a party emblem is a responsibility. There is no end to the development of the cause, and the initial heart of the Communists cannot be changed forever. The Communist Party members of Mi Jian are inspiring to keep up with the times, to innovate, and to innovate in this new era, this vivid era, this flourishing era, and infinite vitality! In the great journey of realizing the Chinese dream, we must dare to chase dreams, be creative, courageous, and courageous, and strive to be the strugglers of the new era!