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Festive wishes for family and children to celebrate June 1st, remember Mi Jian Children's Day parent-child activities

2019-06-06 Source: Mijian Information Technology Co., Ltd.
In order to celebrate the international "1 June" Children's Day, promote the parent-child relationship, and establish a harmonious family, on the afternoon of May 31, Mi Jian carefully organized a "DIY parent-child activity" for Children's Day, which attracted a large number of employees to participate.
At one o'clock in the afternoon, the lovely children walked into the company together with the Mijian family. Under the leadership of the lecturer, they visited the parents' jobs and listened carefully to the contents of their parents' work. This fun and colorful parent-child trip is here. it has started.
In order to let the children of the Mijian family have a happy and meaningful festival, the volunteers also prepared a variety of interactive games - DIY pig pen holder, Dragon Boat Festival hand-made pendant, fun answering activities, children are scrambling, The team participated in the team and the parents were friendly and active.
Sometimes there are bottlenecks in production, children talk to each other, parents or ideas or spiritual encouragement, the size of the rice and people work together. In the joy, the children gained knowledge, and in the company they pulled in the distance between the parents and the children. The scene was full of warmth and childlikeness.

A colleague who participated in the activity said with a toy that he had just won with the child: This is the second time that he took the child to participate in the company’s parent-child activities. The colorful activities can inspire the children’s interest in exploring and communicate with the children. Very good platform, kids like it very much!
The event fully demonstrated the open and harmonious, people-oriented corporate culture of Mijian, which increased the cohesiveness and centripetal force of the Mijian family. At the same time, Mijian also had more to balance the individual “small family” and the development enterprise “everyone”. Deep understanding and understanding.