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  • 01 02

    Accelerate the industrialization of high-tech - how to improve the research and development capabilities of our domestic research and development units

    Recently, more and more emotions and admiration of the "science and technology is the primary productive force" put forward by Comrade Deng Xiaoping many years ago. When I was studying this sentence, I only thought it was a slogan. It was a call made by Comrade Xiaoping for the promotion of the status of science and technology in China. With...

  • 01 01

    How a one-person team grows into a global R&D center

    When I went to Ruiqi (then Kodak Medical) to form a research and development team, I was the only one, from the engineer to the project manager to the chief engineer. One person also played multiple roles. During the team development process, Ruiqi took several Projects that other R&D organizations are not willing to pick up...