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Medical big data application technology seminar special issue - the host's words

2017-08-01 Source: "World Medical Devices"

Author: Zhang Jiwu March 2017 published in "World of Medical Devices" special issue (as cited article, please indicate the source, thank you.)

The progress of human society, like the advancement of nature and the advancement of science, has its inevitable laws and contexts. Big data is not suddenly emerging. We believe that big data itself is a process or form of information development. Taking the health industry as an example, medical informatization makes the amount of simulation digital and informational, and cloud provides a distributed management and service technology platform. Under such technology accumulation, human beings can begin to acquire and store in large quantities. And processing data to achieve the purpose of extracting information, rules, and knowledge to serve humans. The three are not substitutes, but support each other, and are essentially informational.
The most attractive application of big data is artificial intelligence, establishing rules and mining rules. There are many successful primary examples, such as alphaGo, such as "IBM Watson first diagnosed rare leukemia, it only took 10 minutes!". All of these are good starters. The highlights of the breakthrough in big data and better data quality indicate more and greater possibilities. At the same time, it also shows that the acquisition of real high quality big data is An important basis for achieving the final goal.
How to obtain high-quality big data is a step in the development of big data in China, and it is also a clear entry point for us to face the heat of big data.
This time, experts from the industry, research, medical IT, clinical applications and other aspects of their own, represent the major problems, ideas, solutions, etc. of today's medical big data application technology, hoping to clarify the development of China's medical big data, The role of agglomeration power.